Bank Reconciliation

Automate your end-to-end bank reconciliation processes to produce high-quality financial statements on time.


Automate your bank reconciliations

Eliminate your dependence on inflexible spreadsheets and obsolete tools. Automate your processes and reduce risks.


Speed up exception resolution

Let the solution automatically identify and classify any discrepancies detected. A resolution workflow allows you to track each case precisely.


Remain compliant at all times

Get accurate reconciliation reports and respond quickly to regulatory pressure without affecting your productivity.

Quickly identify critical errors and improve the accuracy of your bank reconciliation

Calixys’ XREC  solution is highly scalable and grows with you. It’s a complete reconciliation solution with end-to-end functionality.

Whether for real-time, daily, weekly or monthly bank reconciliations, the solution meets your company’s compliance requirements by providing a clear and accurate view of your accounts.

XREC automates all bank reconciliation processes, from source file integration and transaction matching to automatic classification of discrepancies.

Accurate bank reconciliation statements are produced using an approval workflow.

xrec reconciliation

"XREC is a major element in the control tower, enabling us to check that financial transactions are properly accounted for. We're back to automated reconciliations, which save the business team a considerable amount of time."

Olivier JEAN and Ronald MOUNIEN

Executive Vice President and IS Finance Manager at Nickel

Standardize and simplify bank reconciliation management

XREC adapts to all your accounting and banking input formats, and automatically decodes key labelling information. Standard formats include SEPA CAM053, CFONB, SWIFT 940/950 and AFB120.

As a multi-user, multi-currency and multi-lingual solution, XREC will easily adapt to your organization, whether for local needs or for distribution across several countries.

Thanks to modern interfaces, adaptation is a breeze. XREC is a collaborative solution, making it easier for your teams to exchange views on exception resolution or justification.

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